Welcome, my Beautiful Being of Light!

I understand what it’s like.

I understand you’re struggling with getting the life you want.

You know you’re stuck in a loop but have no idea how to work through it. No idea how to turn that bullshit noise off and how to tune in to your Soul’s GPS.

How to tune into who you are always meant to be.

You keep saying to yourself, “I am who I am. I know that this is what I do. I know this is holding me back. I know I’m unhappy in my life and want it to change but have no idea why it’s not changing.”

You’ve remained open to it happening but it seems like the more you ask for things to happen, it just doesn’t so now you’re stuck with those limiting beliefs:

  • Maybe I’m not good enough
  • Maybe I’m always in the wrong
  • I’m never going to get where I want to be
  • Life is always going to be hard for me
  • I’m never going to have enough money
  • I’m never going to be happy

All of that shit you keep saying to yourself and believing because you’ve been told it your whole life in one way or another. You know that and you know exactly where it comes from sometimes but you just don’t know how to step into your joy and be Soul Deep Happy. How to really tap into that magical energy inside of you. How to tap into the potential you have that you don’t know or are scared to access.

That’s where I come in.

I am here to guide you and help you:

  • Acknowledge what’s stopping you from stepping into your greatness
  • Give you the creative tools and mindset practises necessary for you to push through those blocks
  • Figure out exactly what you need to do to find what makes you happy and fully live your best life

You have the answers inside of you. Everything you want to know- your true source, the true potential inside of you-it’s there. It’s a matter of you quieting down all the lies you’ve been told your entire life and that your ego continues to tell you, quieting that down so you can listen to the message your soul and Source Energy is trying to tell you.

That’s what I help you do.

Who am I?

My name is Janai Robinson and I’m a Certified Life Coach.

I help you tap into your magical energy. I help you quiet the noise of your ego and step into your joy. I help you be Soul Deep Happy by giving you the tools necessary for you to follow your joy and understand what needs to be worked on and what needs to be released.

I use tools like crystal healing, meditation, and visualization exercises to shift your mindset to one of abundance and gratitude. We use all these things to find what lights you up. To help you tap into your spiritual center so you begin living from that center. If you are not in tune with your spirit, if you are not in tune with your Source Energy, you cannot get where you want to be with ease and joy.

You need to tap into your inner child who is simply you without the damaging effects of the ego. It’s you without people telling you what you should and should not do. It is the you who focuses on what makes you happy more than any fear that crops up in your pursuit of that happiness. The you who remembers what magic is and who remembers what it means to fully live in the present.

Embrace the badass woman you are! Remember what it’s like to feel joy and fun. Understand the things happening in your day to day are just conditions in your life. You can live a life beyond your imagination!

That is what we are here to work on together. You need to understand what is truth and what is lie. The truth is you without limitations. The is what society told you is truth. Do not let people’s idea of what your reality should be stop you from living a life of pure unbridled joy, passion, and happiness. Never let the lies of society make you believe it is the truth of your spirit.

Are you ready to tap into your magical energy?

To tap into the you who understands how to recognize truth from lie and what inspired action means?

It’s time for you to understand you will always want to head towards what makes you curious and what brings you joy because you know that way is where the happiness of life is. It’s where the beauty of life lies.

If you are ready to push through all the shit stopping you from stepping into your brilliance, then this is the program for you. I will be the teacher and guide helping you find your way back to the answers you already have because all the questions you’re asking everyone else, you already know. The trick is to find the way back to you. To the pure unbridled power of you.

If you are ready to take that journey with me, if you’re ready to step up and be the fucking amazing source of energy, the beautiful being of light that you are, then I’m ready for you.

Let’s do this thing.


Single or 4 pack Soul Deep Happy life coaching sessions offered by Creative Life Coach Janai Robinson focused on uprooting personal mental blocks.

Soul Deep Happy Coaching Program

During this four week program, we will:

  • Dig deep to focus on one of your biggest mental blocks right now.
  • Find a strategic¬†way to unearth it.
  • Use creative tools and mindset practices to help you find clarity, create positive change, and be Soul Deep Happy.
  • Learn methods like crystal healing and meditation to facilitate the release of negativity in your life.

The Soul Deep Happy program includes:

  • Recorded audio of each session
  • Creative coaching exercise each week
  • personalized weekly audio meditation
  • personalized handmade necklace or bracelet with crystals tailored to what will aid in your emotional healing
  • Email and phone support for the duration of the program


I only accept 10 clients at any given time so apply today to work with me by clicking the link below and I will get back to you within 24 hours!

PAY IN FULL- $1200



Minute Motivational Videos


Janai is a rare gem!

"I was experiencing various personal blocks that were causing a bit of unhappiness and unrest with the progression of my life. Although I have a successful career, I still felt something was preventing me from reaching higher. I decided to try  a life coach to see where it would go. Janai's insight is enlightening and her passion for her craft is inspiring. I learnt to shift my thinking on how I interpret and perceive things. She's easy to talk to, honest, and non-judgmental. Definitely worth it for me!"

- Jodi-Ann Gardiner, Travel RN


testimonial for Life Coach Janai Robinson